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Advantages of Installing a Custom Fence

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White picket fences surrounded dream homes of yesteryear, but changes in real estate have homeowners looking for more customizable solutions. Fencing plays a pivotal role in not just your property’s security, but also its curbside appeal. A functional way to address the aesthetics of your home, let’s take a closer look at the advantages that a custom fence installation can provide.

Improved Privacy and Security

Take a stroll through your neighborhood and count all the newly installed fences that you see. If you are in an active neighborhood representative of the global fencing market, you’ll notice new fences everywhere. A report published by Yahoo shows that professional fencing installations are growing more and more popular due in large part to clients looking for more privacy and security.

A custom fence put in place by a licensed installer can provide you with home security and increased privacy. Fences are largely utilized to avoid neighborly disputes while retaining a sense of privacy.

Fence Outlet offers add-on services for all new fencing installations, including PVC Privacy Panels for additional privacy.

Add Value to Your Property

Changing trends in the real estate market can be a great way for savvy homeowners to add value to their property. Fencing will always be “in”, so consider working with a professional fencing installer to add one to your home. While the fence will improve your privacy and security today, a custom fence will also add value to your property when you prepare to sell it.

Unique Add-ons to Consider

There are plenty of fun and unique ways to supply your new fence with features to increase its value. Working with the team at Fence Outlet, we can look to a few custom add-ons that might be worth considering!

  • Accent Pieces – The right accent piece can go a long way toward making your fence stand out from the crowd. Consider a number of different styles by discussing your goals with a fence installer.
  • Custom Colors – Vinyl fencing offers a world of color options so that shoppers can enjoy the custom fence of their dreams. Vinyl fencing by Fence Outlet lasts a long time, with woodgrain colors that last. Remember, your color choice is here to stay, so choose wisely!
  • Privacy Fencing – Extended fences that provide you with privacy are the norm in Florida. Install a privacy fence with accent pieces to give some personality to your yard.
  • Custom Gates – Make the entrance to your yard a Fairy Tale to experience. Custom fence gates provide function and fashion while making your yard look incredible.

Custom fencing solutions are as dynamic and varied as your goals. Discuss your needs with a fencing installer to see what other solutions might work best for you.

Deter Critters and Criminals

Installing a custom fence is one of the best ways to make sure that your yard stays free from unwelcome intruders. While we are always attentive to our security requirements, sometimes invaders come in the form of furry little animals. Fences keep away some of the most common animals prone to this area of Florida, including raccoons, armadillos, nutria, and even alligators!

Of course, fences do much more than just keep away our furry and potentially scaly friends in Florida. Fences have an impact on deterring criminals from attempting to enter your yard. While chain-link fences have been proven effective, more enhanced and elaborate secured fencing solutions can work better.

Outline and Secure Your Property

One of the most common reasons to install a custom fence around your yard is to outline your property. Many homeowners like to have a visible and physical reference for their property lines, and custom fencing solutions by Fence Outlet allow that to happen.

Fence Outlet offers a range of exciting customization options to allow you to clearly delineate your property line from the next one. At Fence Outlet, professionally trained and licensed installers can outline the perimeter of your front yard or the entire property line with a custom fence designed to your specifications.

Outlining your property is also integral if you have a swimming pool in your yard. Fences are often required to maintain a secure presence near water, preventing children or animals from falling in and drowning.

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