What You Didn’t Know About Vinyl Fences

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WHAT YOU DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT VINYL FENCES When thinking about a fence for your home in Florida, you might have skipped over vinyl as an option because you didn’t know as much about it, so you’re thinking about going with something more traditional, such as wood or aluminum fences. Get ready to change your thinking about vinyl and vinyl fences.…

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Vinyl Fence Maintenance Guide

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VINYL FENCE MAINTENANCE GUIDE Many homeowners in Daytona, North Port, Melbourne and other areas of Florida choose to install vinyl fences because of their low maintenance requirements and ease of care. If you're considering a vinyl fence for your home, there are a few things to do to help your fence look great and prolong its life. KEEP THE FENCE CLEAN A…

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5 Popular Fence Styles

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5 POPULAR FENCE STYLES When it comes to choosing a fence, you want to consider the function of the fence as well as the style of the fence. In some cases, a fence's style contributes to its function. A board on board wood fence might make your Orlando, FL. home look good while at the same time keeping nosy neighbors…

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Quick Fixes to Common Fence Problems

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QUICK FIXES TO COMMON FENCE PROBLEMS When you first installed a wood or vinyl fence on your property in Tampa, Fl., it looked fantastic. Every time you came home and saw your fence, you felt like you had made the right choice in putting it up. Florida's humid weather, the occasional storm, and general wear and tear might have done a number…

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Fence Etiquette

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FENCE ETIQUETTE When you were growing up, your parents or another adult most likely taught you table manners and etiquette. You know to say "please" when asking for something, "thank you" when you receive it and to swallow your food before you speak. Just as there are rules for etiquette when you're eating with or otherwise interacting with people, did…

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Vinyl Fence FAQs

VINYL FENCE FAQS When it comes to materials, you have a lot of options when you're choosing a fence. Along with wood and aluminum, fences can also be made from vinyl. If you're considering a vinyl fence, you might have some questions about the material and what makes it a better choice for you compared to wood or aluminum. We've…

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How to Choose a Fence that Fits you Personality and Style

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HOW TO CHOOSE A FENCE THAT FITS YOUR PERSONALITY AND STYLE It's the little details that help to make a house a home. The way certain features look can help define your home's overall style and give it some personality. One of those features is the fence you choose for your property. Although you might look at a fence as…

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Questions to Ask Yourself Before Installing a Fence

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QUESTIONS TO ASK YOURSELF BEFORE INSTALLING A FENCE You've decided that 2019 is the year you're going to install a fence around your property. Perhaps you'd like to fence in your backyard to create a safe play area for your kids. Maybe you want to install a cute picket fence along the edge of your front yard. Whatever your reasons…

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