Fence Options for Communities and New Homes

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FENCE OPTIONS FOR COMMUNITIES AND NEW HOMES New homes and gated communities offer plenty of perks to homeowners. The fencing around the community creates a sense of safety and security—only people who have a legitimate reason to be in the confines of the community can get it. There's also a sense of increased privacy in a gated community, as the…

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5 Benefits of Horizontal Wooden Fences

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5 BENEFITS OF HORIZONTAL WOODEN FENCES When many people think of wood fences in Orlando, Fl., what comes to mind is the classic white picket fence. While the white picket fence is still a popular choice among homeowners, a relatively new style of fencing has gained in popularity recently. Horizontal wooden fences are now one of the more in-demand options for…

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Benefits of Gate Automation

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BENEFITS OF GATE AUTOMATION Just a few years ago, automatic gates were viewed as an extreme luxury item. Now, however, they're all over the place. While it's fun when you're a kid to watch a big automatic gate open and close, now that you're a homeowner yourself, there are some tangible benefits to gate automation. IMPROVED SECURITY Installing an automatic…

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PVC vs Wood Fences Under Harsh Weather Conditions

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PVC VS WOOD FENCES UNDER HARSH WEATHER CONDITIONS It’s no secret that weather can be an enemy of outdoor structures, including fencing. From harsh sunlight to high winds and rainstorms, there are plenty of weather conditions that have the potential to damage fences, especially in Florida. The quality of your fencing material can determine how often repairs or replacements are…

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Tips for Choosing Accessories That Complete Your Wooden Fence

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TIPS FOR CHOOSING THE ACCESSORIES THAT COMPLETE YOUR WOOD FENCE You've had a beautiful cypress or cedar wood fence in Orlando, FL, surrounding your backyard for years. The fence meets your main objectives; it gives you privacy, it allows a place for your children to play, or it provides a miniature park for your dogs. But now you’re ready to have some…

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Choosing the Right Fencing Contractor

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CHOOSING THE RIGHT FENCING CONTRACTOR There are tons of great reasons to install a new fence on your property. Whether you are doing it for aesthetic purposes or for the increased security, you will be faced with a number of crucial decisions during the process. One of the most important choices you will need to make is which fencing contractor…

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Installing your Vinyl Fence on a Concrete Surface

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INSTALLING YOUR VINYL FENCE ON A CONCRETE SURFACE PUTTING UP A FENCE So, you’ve decided to put a fence in your backyard and you’ve chosen vinyl as your material. You know you’ve already made a great choice in vinyl because of its low-maintenance properties and its ability to stand up to Tampa, FL, weather like extreme heat and rain. You…

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Paint or Stain: What to Do With your Wooden Fence?

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PAINT OR STAIN: WHAT TO DO WITH YOUR WOODEN FENCE? PROTECT YOUR FENCE A new wooden fence, whether it’s around your backyard or whether it flanks your driveway, is a wise investment for a homeowner. You’ll want to make sure your fence installer has plenty of experience and can get the job done quickly and efficiently. He or she should…

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