Central Florida Realtors Agree: An Attractive Fence Can Help Increase Property Values

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Local real estate expert Dela Armstrong from Benchmark Real Estate Group in Altamonte Springs offers this perspective: “Fences help sell homes, especially to prospective buyers who have pets and/or children. Many homebuyers do not want the hassle of installing a fence, so houses that already come with attractive and secure fences will sell before those without.”

Rajul Patel, president of Fence Outlet, also likes to explain to customers that a fence not only offers privacy and security for your home or business, but it can also increase property values. “While price is often the first consideration when choosing a fence, homeowners also need to understand that certain products offer more curb appeal, thereby adding value to their property, which should also be a factor,” says Patel.

According to Patel, the two most attractive fence materials are:


Wood fences are very popular in Florida. Fence Outlet offers classic wood fences in both cypress and pressure treated pine, however they highly recommend cypress since it is native to Florida and can handle a wet-to-dry climate.


Ornamental aluminum is another popular fencing material in Florida since it creates the coveted “estate look,” but won’t rust like a steel fence can. Offering a lifetime warranty and minimum maintenance, ornamental aluminum fences can be customized in a variety of colors, grades and styles.

Long-term property values, curb appeal, safety and security are all good reasons to install a fence, so Patel recommends his customers consider all their options. “It is important to consider why you are installing a fence, what it is protecting, and of course its ultimate purpose.”

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