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Chain Link Fence Ideas for Your Home

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While we may never know who the actual inventor of the chain link fence actually is, historians have potentially traced the origins of this fencing style to 1844 and a man named Charles Bernard. Charles Bernard of Bishop & Barnard is supposedly the first person to develop the process that produces chain link fencing via machinery.

Now, many years later, homeowners are still enjoying the benefits that a chain-link fence can provide to their property. In today’s discussion, we are going to take a closer look at chain link fencing as well as some fun, creative, and effective ideas for implementation at your own home.

Install an Improved Fence Gate

The chain-link fence around your yard is both for protection as well as for your own enjoyable access. Fencing in your yard can go a long way toward creating a comfortable space to sit and relax with your friends or loved ones. To make the get-together more enjoyable, consider the installation of an accessible and easy-to-use chain-link fence gate.

The team at Fence Outlet has a wide array of fence gates available for custom installation. From black chain link drive gates to small walk-through gates, a simple consultation with Fence Outlet will have the perfect gate installed in your yard.

Combine Fencing Styles

Many chain link fence ideas revolve around just the fence itself. In our opinion, yards can work wonders when they incorporate multiple fence styles. Some modern homes in Florida will ring their property with chain-link fencing as a perimeter security feature. Within that perimeter, homeowners will install wooden privacy fencing to keep their private life, well, private!

Consider mixing the medium of your fencing styles with the team at Fence Outlet. The team at Fence Outlet designs each project to meet the needs of their client. There is no one-size-fits-all solution when we all have our unique tastes and ideas.

Benefits of Chain Link Fences

Chain link fencing is among the most popular fencing solutions in the world due to its combination of practicality and affordability. Chain link fencing is an ideal choice for both residential and commercial properties, whether looking to enclose a backyard or to secure a commercial area.

There is a range of benefits that come from chain-linked fences, so let’s quickly highlight a few.

  • Affordability – Among the least expensive fencing solutions available, chain-link fencing is ideal for shoppers on a budget.
  • Flexibility – Easy to work with and available in a number of sizes, heights, gauges, and colors.
  • Minimal Maintenance – Upon professional installation, chain link fencing requires notoriously little upkeep and maintenance. Galvanized or aluminized coating will go a long way toward preventing rust and dirt build-up.
  • Security – A secure barrier can go a long way toward keeping animals and human trespassers from your property. Chain link fencing can also act as a deterrent to potential criminal behavior.

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