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Custom Fence Design Ideas

There are few ways to dramatically and immediately improve the appearance of a property quite like the installation of a custom fence. Custom fencing solutions can give your home an improved aesthetic design as well as beneficial security and privacy features. If you are looking to improve your home through the installation of a custom fence, you’ve come to the right place.

Today, we are going to take a closer look at the top fencing materials as well as a few creative design ideas to consider. By the end of our conversation, you’ll be ready to call the team at Fence Outlet for your free quote!

Best Fencing Materials for Custom Designs

Before we can delve into the different custom fence design ideas that we have for your Central Florida property, we must first distinguish between the fencing materials available to us. There are unique advantages and drawbacks to each fencing style, so let’s explore them together.

  • Vinyl Fencing – Also known as synthetic fencing, vinyl fencing is revered as something of a superstar material. Vinyl fencing is stronger and quite a bit more flexible than wood. Additionally, vinyl fencing doesn’t require nearly as much maintenance. With proper care and professional installation services, a vinyl fence can last for upwards of 30 years.
  • Wood Fencing – There are few fencing designs more rustic, classic, or comforting than wood. A cheap material to work with, redwood and cedar are likely to be the top choices for most homeowners throughout Florida. Wood fencing can last for several decades with routine maintenance and care, though there is potential for rot and bug-related degradation.
  • Metal Fencing – Metal fencing comes in a variety of different sub-styles from aluminum and wrought iron to chain-link fencing. A specific design can bring a unique feel to your home and, with the inexpensive material cost, metal fencing offers quite an affordable solution! Some metal options, like chain-link fencing, are incredibly affordable as a budget option!

Custom Fence Ideas to Improve Your Property

Now that we have an idea as to the materials we should use for our new fence, let’s get creative with some custom fence design ideas. Residents throughout Central Florida will understand the importance of quality fencing thanks to the impact that the elements can have. As a result, we should weigh many different aspects as we build our dream fencing design. 

Let’s highlight a few custom fence ideas that account for the elements as well as the appeal of your property.

  1. Wooden Privacy Fence – One of the easiest ways to make your home feel more like your home is by installing a privacy fence. The team at Fence Materials & Supplies can provide your home with treated wood fencing that gives you privacy, security, shade, and style-points. The installation of a unique wooden gate can go a long way toward making the entrance to your property even more elegant. 
  2. Chain-link Security Fence – Chain-link fencing is among the most popular and affordable options available throughout the state of Florida. Resilient to the elements and cheap enough to buy in bulk, you can integrate chain-link fencing into your yard with the elements by planting trees and shrubs alongside. Just because you have a metal fence doesn’t mean you have to give up on nature.
  3. Contemporary Vinyl Fencing – Do you want to recall the nostalgia of yesteryear with a beautiful white picket fence? Fence Materials and Supplies can help you to find the right vinyl sections to recapture the cute look you’ve always dreamed about. Vinyl fencing looks classy and brings a touch of elegance to every yard that it finds itself within. Most of all, vinyl fencing is incredibly resilient to the day-to-day elements that Floridian residents can expect to deal with.

To get even more creative with your fencing design solutions, consider consulting the team at Fence Outlet for more information!

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