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Everyone loves affordable fencing! At Fence Outlet, we’ve been servicing Oviedo, FL since 1994. Whether you’re looking for professional installation from a professional fence company , or you prefer to install your fence yourself, Fence Outlet is your one-stop-shop for all your fencing needs. Our products are built to last, and they’re protected by a top-of-the-line warranty that helps ensure years of satisfaction after your fence installation. Whether you are in Oviedo, Lake Mary, Sanford, Deland or any place in between we have you covered! 

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Why choose Fence Outlet?

  • We serve all of Central Florida, including Oviedo, Orlando, Lake Mary, Sanford, Deland and every community in between.
  • We are the home of the Fence in a Box.
  • Materials like vinyl and PVC offer low maintenance and a lifetime warranty.
  • We have various PVC and vinyl fencing, including multiple colors. Take a look at all of your style options.

Residential and Commercial Fence Company Oviedo

We service customers of all types in the Oviedo area, businesses and homeowners alike. Each customer has their own needs, with residential customers skewing more toward vinyl and wood fencing, while commercial companies often seek chain link or aluminum. We sell a range of products.

Residential Fencing Oviedo

Residential customers need to protect the perimeter of their property, to keep in pets and kids, and keep out intruders or strangers. Some residential fencing is more decorative than functional – at Fence Outlet, we sell fencing for both purposes! Our vinyl fencing comes in a range of styles and colors to keep your property protected and secure.

Commercial Fencing Oviedo

Commercial properties often focus on fencing that provides security. Often, this type of fencing is designed to keep out intruders and prevent members of the public from entering secure areas. Commercial fences are designed to be strong, long-lasting and require little regular maintenance.


Aluminum Fencing Oviedo

Though it doesn’t provide much privacy, aluminum fencing is one of the longest-lasting, most durable fencing products available. Aluminum can achieve the look of a wrought-iron fence, without any of the maintenance. This type of fencing often appeals to business owners that run doctor and dentist offices, office buildings, schools and public pools, where aluminum fencing is both attractive and functional.

Vinyl Fencing Oviedo

Vinyl fencing achieves the look of wood fencing without any of the maintenance. It never needs to be painted or refinished, and only requires the occasional cleaning to look its best. Vinyl lasts for decades. It’s strong, flexible, and comes in many shapes. Vinyl fencing is available in privacy fencing and picket fencing, for property owners who need a range of options.

Chain Link Fencing Oviedo

Chain Link fences, long revered for being affordable as well as easy to install, are a practical solution for homeowners and business owners who need a way to secure their property. Chain link can be installed in a range of locations and comes in many heights.

For a homeowner or business owner who needs to install fencing quickly and efficiently, this type of fencing is perfect.

Wood Fencing Oviedo

Wood fencing has warmth and beauty that appeals to many homeowners and even some business owners.  While wood privacy fencing is common around homes with pools, any homeowner who wants to create an area of secluded beauty on their property can benefit from wood fencing.

Though it does need to be refinished periodically, wood fencing remains one of the most high-value and desirable fencing types available.

Fence in a Box Oviedo

Installing a fence requires a lot of materials and can be a time-consuming process. A helpful option is our Fence in a Box. This product comes with everything you need to successfully install a fence on your property.

Perfect for the homeowner who wants to finish a DIY fence installation project, Fence in a Box includes high-quality materials and makes fencing easy. At Fence Outlet, we sell many fence types in the form of Fence in a Box. See our selection to decide which material is right for you!

Install with Us as Your Fence Company Oviedo

  • We service the entire Oviedo, FL area to provide quality fence installation to residents who need an affordable, reliable, high-quality product.
  • Fence Outlet is the home of the convenient wood stockade Fence in a Box.
  • Our vinyl and PVC offer an excellent warranty, as well as the bonus of low maintenance needs.
  • We have a large variety of fencing in a wide selection of colors and styles. Take a look at the possibilities!
  • Fence Outlet prioritizes good customer service for all customers. We provide prompt, accurate answers to customer questions and we deliver on our promises.

Quality Fence Installation in Oviedo, FL

Do you need an affordable fencing option for your home or business in Oviedo, FL? Contact Fence Outlet, a fence company servicing the Oviedo area.

We’re the number one fencing company in the area. We proudly stock a range of fence types, including the convenient and affordable “Fence in a Box,” which makes fencing easy even for the inexperienced installer. Call today to learn more.