Fence Etiquette

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When you were growing up, your parents or another adult most likely taught you table manners and etiquette. You know to say “please” when asking for something, “thank you” when you receive it and to swallow your food before you speak.

Just as there are rules for etiquette when you’re eating with or otherwise interacting with people, did you know that there are etiquette rules when it comes to installing a fence? Even though your new wood or vinyl fence will be on your property, your neighbors will have to look at it day in and day out. It’s polite to think about their needs and desires before you install your new fence.

Observing fence etiquette isn’t just polite. It’s also common sense. You don’t want to upset the people who live closest to you, nor do you want to end up on your homeowners’ association’s naughty list. Following these guidelines can help you stay polite when installing your new fence.


Etiquette rule one when installing a vinyl or wood fence in Orlando, Fl. or another part of the state is this: Install the fence on your side of the property line. If you’re not sure where your property begins or ends, consult the property drawing, or survey, to confirm.

If you don’t have access to the survey, you can hire a licensed surveyor to come out and identify your property’s boundaries.


Some types of fences, particularly wood, has two sides. The “outside” or “nice” side is the side that’s meant to be seen. The “inside” of the fence usually has the posts of the fence visible.

It’s not only more courteous and polite to have the good side of your fence face your neighbors’ property or face the outside world. It also makes sense. Many people install a fence as a way to beautify their homes and property. By having your fence put its best foot forward, you’ll be doing exactly that.


Although you don’t always need your neighbor’s permission or blessing before you put up a fence, it can be a good idea to talk to them and let them know your plans before you get started. If you speak to your neighbors first, you give them a chance to share any concerns they might have about your fence with you. You also want to let them know that you’re not necessarily installing the fence because of anything they might have done.

You can also work together to come up with a solution to any issues that they bring up or find ways to put their minds at ease. For example, if they are concerned about the appearance of your fence, you can show the photos of it before it’s installed. You can also discuss boundary lines and reassure them that your fence will be on your property.


Once your fence is up, your work isn’t finished. To keep on your neighbors’ good sides, you want to maintain your fence, so that it continues to look attractive. Clean the fence regularly to remove any dirt and debris. If it’s a wood fence, you might want to re-seal it on annually or repaint or refinish it when it starts to look worn out.

Working with a professional fence contractor can help you navigate the fence etiquette minefield. To learn more about the benefits of having your new fence professionally installed, contact Fence Outlet today.

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