Fence Outlet Customers Increasingly Choosing Vinyl

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ORLANDO/OVIEDO/TAMPA, Fla. (June 11, 2014) – Fence Outlet, Central Florida’s fencing experts, showcases a wide variety of colors and styles of vinyl fencing, also known as “PVC” (poly vinyl chloride). Vinyl fencing has evolved over the years, becoming increasing popular due to its distinct advantages. The durability, versatility and low maintenance appeal of a vinyl fence makes it the practical replacement for wood.

Fence Outlet describes their vinyl fencing as being extremely low maintenance. Vinyl is a durable product will not rot, peel, rust or turn yellow or brittle (like the old PVC patio furniture of the past). Offering a lifetime warranty, vinyl fencing is the practical replacement for wood.

“While price and appearance are often important initial considerations when choosing a fence, consumers also need to understand the inherent characteristics of each fence material,” said Fence Outlet owner & founder, Rajul Patel. “For example, vinyl is extremely easy to care for, while steel offers strength and security. So, it is also important to consider why you are installing a fence, what it is protecting and of course its ultimate purpose.”

Fence Outlet strives to locate and stock “Made in America” vinyl fencing products. “These days, customers like heating that 95 percent of our fence products are made in the USA,” said Patel. “Not only does this commitment imply quality, we are also helping to keep jobs in America.”

Fence Outlet’s showrooms in Orlando, Oviedo and Tampa offer vinyl fencing products. Many customers also turn to Fence Outlet for professional, timely and quality fence installation. “Our team will help you measure your project and assist with ordering all the materials on-line,” said Patel. “Then, you can turn the entire professional installation over to Fence Outlet for a complete turnkey project.”

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