Fence Outlet Offers PVC Fencing Materials That Are Both Affordable And Durable


Fence Outlet showcases a wide variety of fence materials, each offering distinct advantages. Known for its durability and affordability, PVC (or more commonly known as vinyl) is among the most popular fencing material used today.

First and foremost is the quality of the PVC material. “We only sell PVC fences that are ‘Made in the USA’ because imported vinyl is not necessarily manufactured to the same specifications as domestic manufacturers,” said Fence Outlet owner & founder, Rajul Patel. He also explains that it is important to consider the ultimate purpose of the fence before purchasing. “For example, PVC is extremely low maintenance and durable, while steel offers strength and security. So, it is also important to consider why you are installing a fence and what it is protecting.”

Durability and Reliability

Fence Outlet’s PVC fencing also comes with a lifetime warranty, which covers damages caused by peeling, flaking, blistering, rotting, and corroding. A fence installer will use an aluminum insert in the bottom rail to prevent sagging, and an aluminum insert in the hinge and latch posts to give the gate system more strength and rigidity. Lastly, every post has a concrete foundation. “Our customers enjoy the low maintenance of vinyl, and unlike the old PVC patio furniture of the past, it will not rot, peel, rust or turn yellow or brittle,” said Patel. Customers also appreciate the flexible buying options offered at Fence Outlet, including zero-percent financing for 12 months. After purchasing their new PVC fence, many customers also turn to Fence Outlet for their professional, timely and quality fence installation. “Our team in the showroom or online will help you measure your project and assist with ordering all the materials,” said Patel. “Then, you can turn the entire professional installation over to Fence Outlet for a complete turnkey project.”

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