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Vinyl/PVC is the most popular fence material and it is easy to see why! It comes in two standard colors – white and tan and is also available in a variety of wood grain colors making painting or staining a thing of the past. This beautiful color is guaranteed never to yellow or fade giving you a lifetime of enjoyment with minimal maintenance. All you have to do is occasionally pressure wash the mold and dust off your PVC fence to bring it back to its original beauty. Fence Outlet manufacturers our own PVC fence components, giving us the ability to make virtually any style/height/color combination you desire. Our most popular styles are privacy and picket fence, however we can also make semi privacy, shadow box, pool code and a myriad of other styles. We can customize your fence by adding an accent to it, or combining two styles to enhance your home and the back yard. For example, many customers choose to have privacy fence around their property and have an accent added to the top of the fence on the two sides that face the street. This enhances and customizes the curb appeal of the home and yard while at the same time allowing the homeowner to enjoy full privacy in the rear. Another very popular choice is a privacy fence along the entire yard with a picket fence or ornamental aluminum fence in the rear. This is especially attractive to homeowners that live on conservation lots, or lots with views that they would like to enjoy. Don’t forget the decorative caps that can enhance and accent your fencing project. Just ask us, we can help you design the fence of your dreams.

When considering a Vinyl or PVC fence, it is also important to consider how it is constructed. The length of the posts, the wall thickness of the material and the type and quality of components are important factors in the durability of the fence. Keep in mind that a lifetime warranty on the material is a very common industry practice, but the warranty does not help you if the company that manufactured the product is out of business. A common practice in the installation of 6’ Tongue and Groove Privacy fence is to use 8’ long posts. This common practice is used to lessen the cost of material needed and the labor time it takes to dig the deeper hole. At Fence Outlet, we install only 9’ long posts with all of our 6’ tall fence which gives you 50% more post in the ground to support your fence. For any fence shorter than 6’, we use posts that are at least 2’ in the ground and for fence that is up to 8’ tall we use post that are buried 4’ in the ground. We also use a minimum of 60lbs of concrete on all post to give our fences a good strong foundation.

Another standard practice for Fence Outlet is to install aluminum inserts in both hinge and latch posts for privacy fence gates. Given the flexible nature of Vinyl, these inserts not only minimize the movement of the post as the gate is opened and closed, but they also give the screws a stronger foundation to attach to. Beware of contractors that tell you this is not necessary, you are buying a fence that is going to last a lifetime, think of how many times that gate is going to open and close during the life of the fence…do you really want to be rehanging it when the hardware pulls away from the posts? Also beware of contractors that tell you that a piece of wood inserted into the post will do the same thing. It will, until it rots…enclosing a piece of wood in a vinyl post and leaving it to the harsh Florida elements is not a wise idea. The humidity and moisture from the ground are going to seep into the wood and rot it.

A third standard installation practice at Fence Outlet is the use of a galvanized steel insert in the bottom rail of every 8’ wide section of privacy fence that we install to prevent sagging. Keep in mind that PVC is flexible and will get hot and more pliable in the summer heat. The weight of the pickets and rails can make the bottom rail droop down over time. The steel insert prevents the drooping and gives you a stronger fence. Another option is to use 6’ wide sections with no metal inserts in the bottom rail. The logic here is that you have a shorter span of fence and therefore less drooping or sagging. Over the years we have had numerous customers request this option over the 8’ wide option with metal inserts, and we have now begun to offer this option too. Either options work, but keep in mind that the 9’ long post is recommended no matter which way you choose to go.

While we at Fence Outlet have several standard installation practices and recommendations for fence installation which we have learned and incorporated into our program over the last 25+ years of selling and installing fences all around Florida, there is still one component that we have not covered. A fourth standard installation practice is to use stainless steel (powder coated) or vinyl gate hardware on all of our Vinyl/PVC fence installations. If you have an existing fence, you probably already know that the gates are your biggest source of maintenance on any fence just like the doors and windows of your home require maintenance. Over the years, we have standardized the hardware we recommend and use on our PVC gates to provide an aesthetic, simple, and easy to adjust and maintain gate. We use a powder coated stainless steel hinge, wrap around hinge and post latch as our standard hardware on all installations and we recommend this to customers that buy their material from us and choose to install the fence themselves. Powder coated stainless steel will not rust and gives you the strength of steel where you need it the most. We have also enhanced our hinges to “wrap around” the gate upright of Privacy fence to allow us to secure the gate upright from both sides. As previously discussed, we use and recommend an aluminum post insert to strengthen the gate posts and give the fasteners used in the gate hinges a strong surface to fasten to. The wrap around feature of our hinges gives us this same additional strength and support on the gate upright. Putting an aluminum frame inside each gate would be cost prohibitive so we have had this wrap around hinge made especially for Fence Outlet to further strengthen our gates. Please note, an external or internal aluminum frame is available on any gate as an option and in many instances standard practice on installations -please ask an associate for details. It is important to clarify that the wrap around hinge is only available on gate uprights for tongue and groove privacy and picket fence styles currently. Some styles of fence have larger uprights that require different styles of hardware and hinge leg configuration. The standard stainless steel post latch allows you to open and close the gate from both sides and can even be locked with a padlock for security.

Although stainless steel hardware is the “standard” or most common hardware we use, we also carry hardware made of engineered polymers and stainless steel. This series of hardware has re-keyable locks and allows for greater adjustability in installation. Please ask a representative about the different hardware options for your Vinyl fence gates.