How Long Does An Aluminum Fence Last?

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Similar to the wrought iron fences of decades ago, aluminum fences project the appearance of strength, security, and longevity. They’re quickly taking center stage as a preferred fencing material because of their affordability and durability. For homeowners who want a fence with long service life and very little maintenance, aluminum fencing is the go-to choice. But, do you know how long does an aluminum fence lasts? Here’s what you need to know if you’re planning to purchase one sometime in the coming months. 

Aluminum Fence Service Life

How long does an aluminum fence last? A well-constructed and quality aluminum fence should last about half a century, or even longer. Unlike wooden fences, which need regular staining or painting, aluminum fences need no such maintenance. Periodic cleaning helps your fence continue to look its best, but your aluminum fence is not subject to warping, rotting, splitting, or rusting in the way of other fences. 

Make Your Aluminum Fence Last Longer

Since aluminum fences require so little maintenance, is there anything you can do to make your fence last longer? 

Buy a Quality Product

The key to buying a long-lasting product is to purchase a quality fence from a reputable company. Not all aluminum fences are created equal. Though aluminum cannot rust or be corroded, some fences last longer than others because they’re made from thicker, sturdier materials.

Aluminum is a lightweight metal that can bend when impacted by heavy falling objects, or when impacted by a moving vehicle. The better your aluminum fence, the thicker and sturdier the parts. This helps make them more durable overall.

Install Your Product Properly 

Some homeowners prefer to hire a professional, others like to install their fencing themselves. Either way, it’s critically important to ensure that the work is done correctly. If you’re hiring a professional to install your fence, vet your contractor to ensure that they have the expertise to do the work right. The cheapest professional is not always the best professional. 

If you prefer to install your aluminum fence yourself, use quality materials to secure your fence, and use the proper tools to perform the installation. Consider purchasing an all-in-one fencing product like aluminum Fence-in-a-Box from Fence Outlet. This complete kit comes with the materials you need to ensure that your aluminum fence is properly secured. Fence in a Box doesn’t skimp on quality. Instead, this product is designed to deliver the materials you need to ensure your fence will last and last. 

If you’re not sure how to install your aluminum fence, or if you feel less than confident in your ability to perform installation, then it’s better to hire a professional. Contractors have tools to secure fencing deep in the ground and have the expertise to ensure that your fence stays there. 

What to Look for When Buying an Aluminum Fence

Buying a quality aluminum fence can sound like a challenge. How can you tell if the fence you want to purchase is the kind that will last? 

Pay Attention to More Than Price

Don’t assume that the lowest cost fence is the best fence for you. Do your homework before buying your fence, and if a particular product is a much lower price than other fences of the same type and size, this could be a red flag. 


Read online reviews of the product you’re considering purchasing. Though you should generally take reviews with a grain of salt, it’s helpful to look for patterns. If consumers complain regularly about the quality of a particular fence, this could be an indication that a particular fence is not suitable for purchase. If consumers consistently praise certain qualities about an aluminum fence, there may be something to those praises. 


Suppliers and installers develop reputations for themselves as they stay in business and continue to service customers. Purchasing a fencing product from a new fencing supplier, or hiring an inexperienced installer to install your fence could be opening you up to risk.

Pay attention to company size and longevity when trying to decide which fence installer is best for you.

Referrals are powerful and meaningful. If you have a friend or family member who has purchased products from or hired an installer in the past, ask them if they would refer that company to others, or if they would choose to hire that company again. This kind of information can help you gauge a fence installer or supplier’s quality and customer service, and that in turn can help you gauge whether that company is worth hiring.


Look for a fencing company that displays professionalism through their website, their business practices, and in client interactions. Does that company respond to inquiries quickly? Do they handle inquiries respectfully? Would you trust this business to deliver a quality product? 


One more thing to pay attention to when trying to buy a quality aluminum fence is the warranty. Companies that believe in their products offer solid warranties. Often, the length of the warranty is proportional to the length of time that a company expects its fence to last. Before purchasing a fence, read the warranty and take it into consideration.

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