How To Choose the Right Type of Fence For Your Project

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A fence is a wonderful way to add beauty, value, and security to your yard. At Fence Outlet, we will help you evaluate your needs, desires, and budget to create a fence design and installation that mirrors your personality and sets you apart. As you explore different options, here are a few ideas to help you choose the right type of fence for your project.

Questions to Help You Choose the Right Type of Fence 

What would you like to accomplish with the installation of your new fence?

  • Privacy: Is your yard right next to your neighbor’s with little room in between houses? Are you near a busy street? Do you spend a lot of time outside and just want your own little oasis? These are just a few good reasons to consider a privacy fence.
  • Security: Do you live in a busy area? Are there a lot of passers-by? Do you want to add a layer of safety for you and your family? If any of these are of concern, a security fence may be a great choice for you.
  • Containment: Do you have pets or kids you want to keep in your yard? Do you want to keep other animals and people out of your yard? These are popular reasons to install a fence for your yard.

We offer several types of fence materials that will help you accomplish your needs. Here are a few pros and cons of each type of Fence Outlet fence.

Wood Fence


Residential wood fences and gates are available in a variety of options, to accommodate the varying needs of homeowners. They portray a natural sense of warmth and tradition. As the most traditional fence type, wood fences are available in a variety of sizes and styles. They are affordable, durable, and generally provide great privacy.

Classic wood privacy fences offer more height than picket fences, and they both may be finished off with decorative post caps and custom gates. Each type offers a large variety of styles including:

  • Shadowbox
  • Stockade
  • Board on Board


Although the Fence Outlet wood fences offer two wood choices that are both great for Florida weather (pressure-treated pine), they may require more maintenance than other fence types. All wood will crack and warp over time, but you can slow that down by either staining or painting your new fence and by maintaining this coating.

Chain Link Metal Fence


Chain link metal fences are often the most affordable option. They can be installed in different heights, ranging from 4 feet to 12 feet or more. They are durable, relatively quick to install, require no to low maintenance, and provide security for your house and property.


Chain link fences may not provide the look you would like for your home or property.

Aluminum Metal Fence


If you would like something more aesthetically pleasing, aluminum fencing is more decorative, as well as likely more secure. They are fairly easy to assemble for quick install and they are easily adjusted to slopes and other changes in the terrain of your yard. Aluminum products offered by Fence Outlet come with a lifetime warranty. 


Our standard aluminum fences are black, which is generally a great option. However, if you want a different color, we offer a variety of colors to choose from. 

Vinyl/PVC Fence


Vinyl fencing is a very popular choice throughout our Florida neighborhoods. It is a durable product, is pleasing to the eye, and offers a few color options. As well, vinyl/PVC fence is much easier to maintain, as it requires no staining or painting and is easily cleaned with a pressure washer.


Vinyl fencing is one of our favorite choices, but it may require a greater investment upfront. You will recoup that money back over time, in the form of lower maintenance costs, but you will need to be prepared for a larger investment in the beginning. 

Contact Fence Outlet and We’ll Help you Choose the Right Fence

Fence Outlet offers a free consultation to help you decide on the best design of your fence, and we will help you choose the right type of fence material for your application in any part of our service areas, including Orlando, Oviedo, Daytona, Melbourne, Tampa, North Port and Port Richey.