How To Maintain A Wood Fence In Florida

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A wood fence can be a great way to add curb appeal with its natural beauty, provide a layer of safety and security, and potentially add value to your home. Some homeowners, however, may be concerned about utilizing a wooden fence in the humid state of Florida. A wood fence does require more care than aluminum or PVC, so Fence Outlet is offering some tips to help maintain a wood fence.

When looking at installing a wood fence, here are some tips to consider:

  • Make sure to get pressure-treated wooden posts; because they go into the ground, they are more susceptible to insects and moisture.
  • Within the first year of installation, apply a wood preservative to seal your new fence. A sealant is like wax on a car; it protects the fence from the elements.
  • Homeowners also should prevent sprinklers from wetting the fence, which can cause the wood to deteriorate faster. Many sprinklers can be calibrated to adapt to their surrounds and increase efficiency. An alternative is to use drip irrigation to minimize overspray.
  • Bushes, vines and other vegetation should be kept off the fence. The less weight and moisture-attracting plants on the fence, the better.
  • Don’t use cleaning products on your fence. Just use a hose and plain water to clean.

“In Florida, the wood fence product we recommend is Cypress since it is native to Florida, thus can handle our inconsistent wet-to-dry climate,” said Rajul Patel, president and founder of Fence Outlet. “Plus, it requires no chemical treatments and is naturally resistant to termites and insects. Cypress is also a denser and more fibrous wood that does not warp and twist in Florida’s high humidity.”

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