How to Make an Aluminum Fence More Private

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Aluminum fences come in two varieties: aluminum chainlink and standard aluminum fencing. Both options have their own pros and cons. Chainlink is one of the most affordable fencing options available today, but aesthetically, it does little to improve the appearance of a yard or property. Meanwhile, standard aluminum fencing more closely resembles the wrought iron fencing of old. It has a more formal appearance and can add value to nearly any home where it is installed. Standard aluminum fencing is one of the preferred options for homeowners seeking a fence to secure their property and add aesthetic value. Neither of these options is especially private. If you have or plan to install an aluminum fence, you may be wondering how to make your aluminum fence more private.

Both chainlink and standard aluminum fencing feature large gaps between fencing slats, revealing everything on the other side of the fence. If privacy is important to you, there are ways that you can make your aluminum fence more private.

Increase Aluminum Fence Privacy with Plant Shrubs

One way to make your aluminum fence more private is to install shrubs that will grow tall and dense along the edge of your aluminum fence. Once the shrubs are planted, you’ll need to water them regularly until they’re fully established, and then they should need less supplemental watering to survive. Once they’re fully grown, shrubs need little ongoing maintenance. There are many types of shrubs that you can plant to keep wandering eyes off your property.


Arborvitae is a hardy shrub that grows tall and tolerates many soil types. Though it prefers boggy soil, arborvitae can also grow in dryer soil if it is well-established first.


Clumping bamboo is fast-growing and can make a great hedge. Some types of bamboo are invasive and difficult to control, so opt for the slower-growing clumping bamboo. Work with your local nursery to find a type of bamboo that can be grown safely in your yard without interfering with your other landscaping or creating a maintenance headache for you.


Boxwoods are go-to shrubs that grow just about anywhere and are dense enough to provide total privacy. Trim your boxwood shrubs to whatever size and shape you want, or allow them to grow naturally. These bushes are easy to sculpt into interesting and unusual shapes.

Make your aluminum fence more private with the following installations:

Install Vinyl Privacy Slats

Vinyl privacy slats are available for installation in a variety of fencing types, including chainlink fences and non-chainlink aluminum fences. When you’re purchasing the vinyl privacy slats for your property, measure your fence carefully to ensure that the slats will fit properly between links.

Vinyl privacy slats come in different colors. Darker shades hide dirt and may look better for longer than lighter colors. Some shades of red may fade over many months of exposure to the sun, so purchase slats that are good quality and choose the colors carefully.

Install Potted Plants

Potted plants can be an effective way to make your property more private if the plants you choose form a dense enough curtain to obscure the view into your property. All in all, potted plants can be an expensive solution and may not be very effective if you own a large property. If your property is small, you can use potted plants instead of permanently planted shrubs. Along driveways and concrete walkways, potted plants make an acceptable substitute for shrubs grown in the ground.

Increase Privacy with Bamboo Fencing

Bamboo fencing is a lightweight screen that you can purchase from home improvement stores and hardware stores. Bamboo fencing is decorative and attractive. If you don’t like the look of vinyl slats and would like to add privacy to your fence without installing plants, bamboo fencing is a good option. It’s sold in sheets and usually arrives rolled up.

To install the bamboo, unroll it against your fence and attach it with rope or wire. Bamboo fencing cannot stand on its own, so it must be secured to your aluminum fence in some way. This decorative screen makes your aluminum fence more private and prevents anyone from seeing onto your property.

Need Privacy Fencing? Contact a Reputable Fencing Supplier

There’s more way than one to dress up an aluminum fence. Work with a reputable fencing supplier to make your aluminum fence more attractive and private. Fence Outlet can help you install your fence or provide you with a wide variety of aluminum fence accessories and materials. Contact Fence Outlet today to learn more about aluminum fencing and get started with your project today.