Paint or Stain: What to Do With your Wooden Fence?

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A new wooden fence, whether it’s around your backyard or whether it flanks your driveway, is a wise investment for a homeowner. You’ll want to make sure your fence installer has plenty of experience and can get the job done quickly and efficiently. He or she should be able to deliver on several different styles of wooden fences, so you can get exactly what you want to match your home and set off your landscaping.

Once your fence is installed, you need to realize that it must be protected from the elements. Ask the company you’re purchasing wood from if their wood is pressure treated. The last thing you want to have to deal with is a new fence that begins breaking down in the first few years because it has become cracked or warped by the Florida sun, wind, and rain. Rot is also an issue for untreated wood. Therefore, plan to protect your new fence with a stain or paint as soon as it’s installed.


Choosing between a stain or paint should be your next step once you choose your fence style. Stain can come in several formats ranging from semi-transparent to opaque. You can get a good idea of what color stain will look good against the backdrop of your house by looking for inspiration online. When you find a color you like and are ready to have it applied, make sure you or the person doing the staining knows whether one coat or two are required. Some transparent stains will require two coats, especially if they are made to sink into the wood. Opaque stains, however, often require just one coat.


If you decide paint is the way to go for your new fence, be aware that paint products basically sits on top of the wood instead of soaking in like stain. You will find a wider range of colors, so if that factor is something that matters to you, paint may be the way to go. There will be maintenance differences between paint and stain, too. Paint will eventually peel. The reapplication process involves scraping before new paint can go on, so be aware that it may take longer than reapplying stain. You also need to know that stain fades and must be reapplied every few years, depending on which product you’re using. You can usually find a description on the container regarding how long it should be before you need to reapply a stain product.

So, when you’re checking out wood fence styles in Tampa, FL, be sure to contact Fence Outlet to get a better idea of which outdoor paint or stain will work best for your fence. A fence is commonly the structure that most visitors see first when they approach your home, so you’ll want to choose carefully when picking out a color that works best for you and your property. Once you’ve chosen your color and product you’re just a few days away from a completely different look for the exterior of your home. For extra help deciding, contact the professionals at Fence Outlet!

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