Provide Added Security And Safety With A Fence

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With all sorts of new electronic and internet-based security systems out on the market today, Fence Outlet owner Rajul Patel likes to remind residential and commercial property owners of a security system that has survived the test of time: the fence.

 “Nothing provides initial security better than a sound and solid perimeter fence.”

According to fence industry experts, a fence is one of the primary building blocks for a home or business security system. According to Patel, “nothing provides initial security better than a sound and solid perimeter fence.” The physical security barrier provided by a fence provides one or more of the following functions:

  1. Gives notice to the legal boundaries of the outermost limits of the home or business.
  2. Deters casual intruders from penetrating a secured area by presenting a barrier that requires an overt action to enter.
  3. Demonstrates the intent of an intruder by their overt action of gaining entry.
  4. Causes a delay to obtain access to a home or business, thereby increasing the possibility of detection.
  5. Creates a psychological deterrent.
  6. For a business, a fence demonstrates a corporate concern for facility security.
  7. Provides a cost effective method of protecting a home or business.

The team at Fence Outlet explains that a fence not only offers privacy and security for your home or business, but can also increase property values. Fence Outlet offers fences made out of either vinyl, aluminum, steel, wood or chain link. “While price is often the first consideration when choosing a fence, homeowners also need to scrutinize what they are trying to protect and the best materials for the job,” said Patel. “Buyers need to understand that a strong fence provides safety and security, and most importantly a peace of mind.”

The strongest fence materials, according to Patel, are:

  1. Welded Steel
    Known for its strength, security and durability, especially in industrial and commercial applications. Fence Outlet’s welded steel fences are suitable not only for residential users but also for commercial applications such as retail businesses, storage facilities, schools, golf courses and recreational parks.
  2. Ornamental Aluminum
    Ornamental aluminum fences creates a coveted “estate look” which expresses privacy and security.

“It is important to consider why you are installing a fence, what it is protecting and of course its ultimate purpose,” said Patel. Long-term property values, curb appeal, safety and security all provide good reasons to install a fence, so Patel recommends customers consider all their options.

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