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Reasons to Invest in Fencing for Your Florida Home

Fencing can be a valuable addition to your Florida home! There’s nothing quite like a beautiful fence to add beauty and utility to your property. Whether you’re trying to sell your home soon or simply seeking a way to add something aesthetically pleasing to your yard, you could benefit from installing a good fence. There are many reasons to invest in fencing – but you may not be thinking of all of them. Here’s what you should know about installing a good fence.

6 Reasons to Invest in Fencing Your Home in Florida

Fencing is Good For Security

The right fencing adds security to your Florida home. The best fences for security include:

  • Privacy fences. Privacy fences are difficult to climb and block the view of your property, which can provide an extra level of security. If an intruder can’t see in your yard, it’s more difficult for them to make a plan for intruding on your space. With a privacy fence in the way, the intruder is also far less likely to see something they want to take.
  • Chain link fences. Chain link fences add some security, especially if they’re tall enough. Although they can be climbed, a person who would like to climb the fence to enter your property would have to be motivated to do so, especially if the fence is very tall.
  • Aluminum fences. Aluminum fences are like the wrought iron fences of many years ago. Their smooth, straight bars are slippery and difficult to climb, and some aluminum fences have spear-like finials that protrude over the top rail, making them even harder (and more hazardous) to climb.

Attractive Fencing Can Raise Your Home’s Property Value

Some home buyers want their yard to have a fence, and they’re willing to pay a little more for a house that has one, especially if the fence is functional, well maintained and attractive. Although a fence doesn’t add a measurable or guaranteed amount to the value of your home, the right fence can make your home more valuable by adding curb appeal and functionality.

Fencing Can Keep In Your Pets…and Keep Out Other Pets

If you’re a pet owner, having a fence can help keep a pet safely contained within your yard. Of course, you’ll have to choose the fence based on the needs of the pet. Larger pets and pets that climb may need larger fences, while some smaller pets (without the ability to climb) may be perfectly contained by a white picket fence.

If you live in a neighborhood with other animals, like neighboring dogs and cats, a fence can add even more value by preventing those neighborhood animals from interacting with your pet. This can prevent animal arguments on your lawn, and may even protect your pet from potential injury.

Fencing Establishes a Perimeter

Want to ensure that your neighbors know the perimeter of your property? Concerned about keeping out kids who want to use your lawn as a shortcut on the way to school? A fence can accomplish those goals for you.

Modern Fencing is Convenient and Easy to Maintain

Although wooden fencing needs to be refinished or repainted on a regular basis in order to maintain its beauty and structural stability, many modern fencing materials can be made from easy to maintain materials like vinyl. Vinyl never needs to be repainted or refinished. Simply wash your vinyl on a regular basis, and enjoy its loveliness!

Modern Fencing Can Be Easy to Install

Modern fence products like Fence in a Box come with everything you need in order to install your new fence. With Fence in a Box and the right tools at home, you can install a new fence to accomplish your goals.

How to Get the Most Value From Your Fence

You can get a lot of value from your fence by making your purchase the right way. Here’s what you need to consider when you’re trying to buy a fence for your home.

  • Buy a quality product. Don’t skimp on price just because you want to save money. Purchase a fence made from quality materials to ensure that your fence will last for many years to come.
  • Purchase from a reputable fence company. Not every fencing company is created equal. When you’re purchasing a fence for your home, vet your fencing company before making a purchase. Read online reviews of your chosen company to see what experience other customers have had with that fencing company. Check the warranty and return policy before making a purchase – you don’t want to buy a fence that you’ll be stuck with if it has a defect.
  • Install it the right way. Install your fence according to the instructions. If you aren’t prepared to install your own fence, have your fence installed by a professional. Quality installation should help ensure that your fence lasts for a long time.

Buy Your Fence from the Fencing Experts

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