Tips for Choosing Accessories That Complete Your Wooden Fence

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You’ve had a beautiful cypress or cedar wood fence in Orlando, FL, surrounding your backyard for years. The fence meets your main objectives; it gives you privacy, it allows a place for your children to play, or it provides a miniature park for your dogs. But now you’re ready to have some fun with your fence. It may be time to accessorize the fence to give it a little flair.

Here are a few ideas for wood fence accessories:

  • Choose a new gate. The gate doesn’t have to look exactly like the rest of the fence. Make it more of an entrance way. Take care in choosing your lock. If you have a large dog, make sure the gate is sturdy enough so the dog can’t knock it down or open it. If you have a small dog, make sure the dog can’t crawl under the gate. Make sure a small child can’t open the gate.
  • Brighten your yard. Use your cypress fence as an anchor for lighting. You can put lights on your post caps or attach them to the fence itself. Solar lights require no maintenance, and motion lights come on only when you’re outside.
  • Make room for flowers. Like your porch, your fence can be used to display flowers. You can attach a flower bed to house flowers, or you can hang flower pots from the fence. Install a shelf under your flower bed that can be used for your garden tools. You may want vines to cling to the fence.
  • Make the birds a home. Attach a bird house or a bird feeder to your fence. Robins and hummingbirds can add life to your yard.
  • Put up some artwork. You can visit a garden center and find metal artwork in the shapes of animals or heavenly bodies. You can create a herd of cattle, a host of angels, or a sea of fish. If you’re an artist, paint a mural, or hire someone to paint one for you.
  • Use your imagination. Let your fence make a statement. Attach things from the horse and buggy days, old kitchen utensils, antique street signs, hubcaps, or license plates. The next time you look at your cypress or cedar wood fence, think of the many ways you can add some nostalgia to your yard.
  • Don’t forget the holidays. Decorate your fence with wreaths, garland, or lights.

Before you start building your cypress fence or adding accessories to your fence, make sure to check to see if any property restrictions limit what you can do. You don’t want a letter from your homeowner association. Also, make sure to check your warranty before making any modifications to your fence. But for more info on accessories you can add, contact Fence Outlet today.

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