Vinyl Fence Maintenance Guide

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Many homeowners in Daytona, North Port, Melbourne and other areas of Florida choose to install vinyl fences because of their low maintenance requirements and ease of care. If you’re considering a vinyl fence for your home, there are a few things to do to help your fence look great and prolong its life.


A key part of maintaining your vinyl fence’s good looks is keeping the fence clean. Luckily, vinyl fences are easy to clean. Rinsing the fence with a garden hose from time to time can be enough to keep it looking good.

If the fence does have a spot or stain on it, you might need to use a cleanser, a cloth, and some water to remove it. Stick with a gentle cleaner that’s non-abrasive so that you don’t scratch the vinyl. If the stain is proving to be particularly tough, you can try using vinegar, Simple Green or CLR to remove it.


Every year, it’s a good idea to walk around your vinyl fence, giving it a once-over. You want to look for any signs of wear and tear or signs of damage.

As you inspect your fence, pay close attention to the vinyl caps on the top of the posts. Make sure they’re firmly attached and that they aren’t damaged. A fallen tree branch or sports ball might have knocked one of the caps during the year, causing it to crack or come loose.


As part of your annual fence inspection, take a close look at the gate, as it might need to be adjusted. Use a level to make sure it is still even. If the gate isn’t level, you can readjust the hinges to straighten it. You might need to install an anti-sag kit to keep the gate in place.

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