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Vinyl Fence Options in North Port

Take advantage of a popular choice in home and business fencing with a vinyl fence Melbourne from Fence Outlet. Vinyl fencing, also known as PVC fencing, is available from Fence Outlet in standard white and tan shades, as well as a wide range of wood grain colors.  With a versatile selection of options, it is no wonder Melbourne residents and owners choose vinyl fencing from Fence Outlet.

Vinyl Fence North Port Maintenance Needs

Selecting a vinyl fence North Port also offers you the benefit of easy maintenance. Vinyl does not need to be painted or stained and does not rust like metal fencing.

Pressure washing on occasion to remove lingering grime or dirt is all vinyl fencing typically needs to maintain its look. However, mold and mildew stains can easily be removed with the addition of a little bit of oxygen bleach, which is safe to use around plants and landscaping.

Styling Your Property with Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl fence North Port selections come in a wide range of styles so that you can customize the appearance of your fence. This even includes often popular styles like picket-style vinyl fencing or privacy vinyl.

You can also customize your vinyl fence further with options such as shadow box, pool code, semi-privacy, or many other available styles at Fence Outlet. If desired, we can also customize your vinyl fencing by combining two different styles to create a unique look around the perimeter of your property. We may even be able to add accents!

Customizing your vinyl fencing also adds personality, privacy, and curb appeal to your property or business.

With so many options to choose from, you can carefully consider the best one for your property. Whether you choose white, tan, or one of our gorgeous woodgrain finishes, this is one property decision that will last!

Vinyl Fence North Port Installation

At Fence Outlet, we also offer numerous customization options that come with the installation of your vinyl fence North Port. For instance, we also manufacture our own PVC fence components, which gives us the unique ability to create almost any color combination, height, color, or style that you want for your property. As one of the best vinyl fencing providers in North Port, we’re proud to offer a selection of unique installation customizations to our customers!

Vinyl Fence North Port Durability

As a Florida resident, you know how important durability is when it comes to construction. Vinyl/PVC is an incredibly durable fencing material and one of the sturdiest options available. 

When deciding on the durability of a vinyl fence, the wall thickness of the material and the quality of the components and material must all be considered. At Fence Outlet, we manufacture vinyl fencing to the highest of standards. Our vinyl fence North Port selections stand up to the harsh elements of Florida weather, including scorching hot summer temperatures, punishing UV light from the sun, as well as wind, and even rain.

While most vinyl fence companies offer a lifetime warranty, that will not do their customers any good when the company goes out of business due to low-quality materials and installation services. At Fence Outlet, we stand behind our products with a lifetime warranty, and we can boast over a quarter of a century of doing business in Florida. We are a Certified Licensed Contractor and fully insured. When you’re ready to come in and see for yourself the many vinyl fencing options we offer, you can browse our 400,000-square-foot showroom!

Vinyl Fence Installation Steps

At Fence Outlet, we don’t take shortcuts when it comes to vinyl fencing installation. A common practice in the industry is to use 8’ long posts to install 6’ tall fences. This saves on material and labor costs, because it doesn’t take as long to dig an 8’ hole as it does to dig a 9’ hole.

We don’t agree with that practice. At Fence Outlet, we install our 6’ vinyl fence North Port options with 9’ posts, and 60 lbs. of concrete all around to set each post. On fences shorter than 6’, we set posts a minimum of 2’ in the ground. For any fence above 6’ and up to 8’ high, the posts are set 4’ down in the ground. You will find no shortcuts with us!

Why not take us up on our invitation to browse our showroom? Contact Fence Outlet today for more information.