What Type of Fence is Best for My Yard?

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At the perimeter of your property, the fence is the first thing that many people see when they arrive at your house. The type of fence that you install impacts curb appeal and ultimately, the value of your home. Each type of fence requires its own maintenance and upkeep and serves its own purpose. Before choosing a fence for your house, it’s important to know all the possible types of fencing and the materials fencing is made from. This information can help you make an informed decision, so you can buy a fence that’s best for your yard.



Privacy fences are tall, solid fences with no gaps between pickets. The value of a privacy fence is in its name: it provides a level of privacy and security that can keep pets and children in, and keep other people out. Many home buyers look favorably on privacy fences because it’s practical and attractive. In fact, some experts say that a wooden privacy fence can net an ROI of approximately 50% upon installation.


Picket fences add beauty to the house while keeping little ones or pets in the yard. Picket fences create a natural perimeter, establishing where one-yard ends and another begins. Picket fences are not the best solution for security or privacy, but they have a practical value all the same. Some picket fences are designed to be more decorative than others, with pickets of varying heights.


A chain-link fence is a practical solution for a homeowner who needs an inexpensive fence to establish a perimeter around their home. Chain link fences are not generally considered attractive, so they add little to the value of the property. Chain link fences are more commonly used in the backyard than in the front. However, for a homeowner who needs a no-frills fencing solution, a chain link fence has been the go-to product for many years.


The type of fence materials you buy is just as important as the style of fence. Each material has its own maintenance needs. Knowing the maintenance requirements of each type of material can help you decide which material would be best for your yard.


Wood is the traditional fencing material, so it has a special place of consideration for homeowners who want to add something of value to their homes. Natural wood needs regular upkeep, including regular cleaning and refinishing. If you’re going to install a wood fence, be ready to maintain it. Some semi-transparent stains last up to 5 years but plan to restain your fence every two or three to protect it and extend its service life. Wood fences also naturally warp and crack so be prepared to replace damaged posts, pickets, and rails as part of your regular maintenance.


Also called PVC fencing, vinyl is flexible and strong, completely rot-free, and requires almost no maintenance. It’s the perfect material for a homeowner who wants the look of a traditional privacy or picket fence without the constant upkeep of wood. Vinyl fencing is easy to clean, relatively stain-resistant, and available in a variety of colors. It’s also strong, so it doesn’t damage easily. If you’re looking for a fence that you can install and then forget about, vinyl is an excellent choice.


Aluminum fencing is strong, durable, lightweight, and never rusts. It’s a good material if you’re looking for a fencing solution that is similar in appearance to wrought iron but requires almost all of the maintenance. The lightweight aluminum also makes it easier to install.


Before you buy a fence, ask yourself some simple questions.

• What purpose will the fence serve?

• What’s my budget?

• What do I like?

To choose your fencing solution, take some time to answer these questions. Do your homework. Ask about warranties and quality – remember you get what you pay for!


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