Aluminum Fencing

As Central Florida’s leading fence expert, Fence Outlet is your resource for aluminum fence installation and supplies. Whether you want more security around your property or are simply looking for curb appeal, we have a wide variety of fence styles to choose from. 

Let our Orlando fence company help you create a fence design that adds beauty, security, and value to your property. We’ll install everything from the fence panels, aluminum fence gates, decorative brackets, and decorative post tops. 

Benefits of an Aluminum Fence

Having the right fence can make the difference between enjoying your yard and spending little time outside. Some fences provide privacy, others provide style, and others provide a sense of space. Aluminum fences are great if you’re looking for something light, water-resistant, and requires minimal upkeep. Here are some reasons to consider having it:

Aluminum Fence Maintenance

Aluminum fencing is a great choice for homeowners who want a durable, attractive fence around their home. Although this low-maintenance fence requires little upkeep, it’s important to understand what you can do to get the longest life out of your fence. 

Keep Dirt to a Minimum

Unlike wood fences, your aluminum fence won’t be impacted by harsh weather or insect damage. Instead, dirt and yard chemicals are the primary culprits that can cause damage to your fence. Dirt can be mixed with yard chemicals, which can contribute to oxidation. For those of you that use well water for irrigation, the metals in the water can cause stains on your fence. Make sure to check your fence periodically.

Keep it Clean

Aluminum fences are easy to clean because they are powder coated. Simply lather with dish soap and spray down with your garden hose.

Use Simple Cleaning Solutions

As mentioned above, cleaning solutions can be as simple as soap and water. If you have small areas of the fence that need extra cleaning, dish soap can be used. Steel wool, abrasive agents, or anything that contains harsh chemicals should not be used for cleaning on any fencing. Feel free to contact Fence Outlet for any cleaning questions you may have. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does an aluminum fence last? A well-constructed, quality fence should last about 50 years, or even longer. Our fences come with a lifetime warranty.

Aluminum fences are not made out of iron or steel, so they will not rust

First, it’s important to buy a quality product from a reputable fence company. Not all aluminum fences are created equal – some are made from sturdier, thicker materials. You can also hire a professional fence contractor to ensure that your fence is installed correctly. Periodically inspect your fence for damage by the elements and by landscape maintenance activities and make any necessary repairs. Make sure you do your research to vet your contractor

How to Choose an Aluminum Fence

With so many fences on the market, it can be difficult to choose the best fence for your needs. A reputable Orlando fence company will be able to help you choose the perfect fence. 

Pay Attention to More Than the Price

Do your homework before buying a fence. Cheap aluminum fences are often made of cheaper material and won’t hold up as well. If a particular product is a much lower price than other fences of the same type and size, this could be a red flag. 

Do Your Research

Read online reviews of the product you’re considering purchasing. Though you should generally take reviews with a grain of salt, it’s helpful to look for patterns. If consumers complain regularly about the quality of a particular fence, this could be an indication that a particular fence is not suitable for purchase.

In addition to reviews, pay attention to the supplier’s reputation. Purchasing a fencing product from a new fencing supplier, or hiring an inexperienced installer to install your fence could be opening you up to risk. Talking to friends and family about a previous installer or supplier can help you choose the right fence company

Contact Your Orlando Fence Company

An aluminum fence can be just the touch your yard needs to enhance its beauty. Available in the most elegant styles, and with options like balls caps and finials, new fencing will be a welcome addition to your property. If you’re looking for the right type of fence, Fence Outlet can help. 

Visit our Orlando, Tampa, North Port/Ft. Myers, Port Richey, Melbourne, Daytona, and Oviedo, FL, stores to find an ornamental fence for sale so you too can enjoy one of the most popular fence types in the state, coveted for its “estate” look.