Is your PVC virgin vinyl?

Yes, all ingredients in our PVC are virgin vinyl resins. Recycled materials can make the plastic susceptible to harmful UV ray and/or make the product brittle.

What is your warranty?

Our PVC has a lifetime warranty against peeling, flaking, blistering, rotting, and corroding.

How do you keep your fence panels from sagging?

We use an aluminum insert in the bottom rail to prevent sagging.

How do you keep your gates from sagging?

We use an 8' aluminum insert in the hinge and latch posts to give the gate system more strength.

Do you use concrete on your posts?

Yes. Every post is concreted.

Do you use brackets to connect your fence?

No metal or plastic brackets are used to fasten our fence system

What is the warranty on aluminum?

Aluminum has a lifetime warranty against peeling, chipping, cracking or blistering.

What is your warranty on steel?

Ornamental steel has a 20-year warranty against peeling, cracking, chipping, blistering, or corroding. The warranty is adjusted if you are close to a coastline.

What is the strength difference between aluminum and steel ornamental fence?

Both products are strong enough for most applications. If you have specific requirements, our estimators will help you determine the product that best meets your needs.